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General Health
Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years for health issues we still confront today...
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Pain Management
Many people experience day-to-day pains and chronic pain issues, whether it’s from being...
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Sports Medicine
Many athletes are now using acupuncture to stay healthy, deal with injury and increase...
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Post-Op Treatment
For the individual whom surgery has been used to repair a damaged tissue or joint acupuncture...
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Toby Marchand

A practitioner educated in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Toby has taken this model of acupuncture and specializes in the treatment of musculoskeletal injury/ Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. He has also been trained in Medical massage (shiatsu and tuina), Five Element, Meridian and Japanese acupuncture theories.

Acupuncture Effectiveness Testimonials

  • I met Toby a few months ago and he was the first to diagnose my condition correctly and has been helping me heal my Thorasic Outlet Syndrome. It’s a slow recovery process but his stretches, needles, electro-stimulation, and massage techniques have all made a vast improvement in my condition. He has also helped my rotator cuff, neck, and collar bone area. His treatment room is cozy and in a convenient location. His bed side manner is professional and kind. I recommend Toby to adults and children alike.

    Gala Orba
  • Huge improvement with menstrual cycle.
    I have tried various alternative remedies for my unmanageable pms/ heavy periods for over 20 years. Toby gave me a series of treatments over a few weeks and the results were profound. I got back 2 too 3 days of my month that used to be lost. The pms symptoms were dramatically lessened as was the severity of my period.

    Susan Castle
  • Toby Marchand was my first introduction to acupuncture as I had been hesitant for some time. Being an Olympian and elite level runner, I was looking for a different manner to alleviate the demands my training put on my body. Since meeting Toby, my training and racing results have benefited from a myriad of different acupuncture treatments. He’s knowledgable and understands the human body, energy systems and both injury prevention and recovery far better than any physiotherapist or doctor I’ve ever met before. Needless to say, Toby has been an integral part of my success over the past two years, which has included numerous course records and two top 10 finishes at the XTERRA Trail World Championships.

    Roberto Mandje, Olympian
  • I walked into Toby’s office after having tried everything (Strengthening exercises, working on my flexibility and core, ART, Graston, massage, orthotics, new shoes and lots more) and nothing helped. As a former competitive runner and professional running coach I thought my days of running were over (I literally couldn’t walk down stairs without holding onto the railing and was in pain just sitting at my desk). After one treatment I felt an immediate difference and felt an awakening and healing sensation in my knee that had me running almost pain free the next day. After 3-4 sessions I was running an hour completely pain free and smiling from ear-to-ear. It was almost miraculous how quickly and how effective the treatments worked. As an athlete/coach it’s extremely important to find someone that really understands the body and the difference when working with competitive athletes. Just knowing that I have someone like Toby to take care of my athletes and myself is a huge asset.

    Spencer Casey, Professional Coach
  • One session and I felt better than I had in *months*! I had two herniated cervical discs that had been causing me excruciating pain to the point where I could not turn my head. After 30 minutes, Toby had me moving without pain and feeling unbelievably fantastic!

    Robin Fog, Competitive Climber